Cautionary Tale

In my research I saw that a lot of people use MCT coconut oil because of it’s energizing properties.Ā  Of course I had to buy some!

This morning I put about a tablespoon in my coffee (and blended it, because fat bubbles=gross).Ā  It was actually really good and frothed up like a bulletproof latte.Ā  I sucked most of it down then realized…uh-oh.Ā  Not feeling good at all.Ā Ā So I sit here feeling light headed and nauseous.Ā  Apparently it’s something you want to slowly ease into. šŸ¤¦115

From what I understand, this stuff is like coconut oil on crack.Ā  It’s powerful so you have to proceed with caution (not a strong suit for me!) and start with a teaspoon, max.Ā  Don’t throw caution to the wind and dump it into your coffee with a gusto like me.

It is good stuff though.Ā ĀĀ  I’m guessing one reason why it can make people feel sick is the die-off result.Ā  When ingested, especially on an empty stomach, it can have a very strongĀ naturalĀ antibacterial and antifungal effect.Ā  It kills off yucky stuff in our guts, basically.Ā  When those nasty little buggers die, they release some toxin crap and don’t go down without a fight.Ā  That’s why you want to make sure you are eating fiber and drinking lots of water to help your body target and then flush out candida and parasites.Ā  While it can have a profoundly positive effect when those nasty hitchhikers are gone, the actual process of getting rid of them can be quite unpleasant.Ā  But coconut oil and MCT are very effective even if not for the faint of heart.Ā

Aside from accidentally over- doing it on the MCT, I’m doing pretty well!Ā  I’m already down a couple pounds and looking less “puffy”.Ā  While I know that is probably due to losing excess water, I’ll take it!

Aside from dealing with decreased energy and a slight headache that comes and goes, I’ve already noticed a lot of positive effects.Ā  My mood has been much more stable.Ā  Before my mood would go through fairly extreme high and lows, no doubt coinciding with my wildly fluctuating blood sugar levels.

This is really huge for me because I do struggle (and always have) with depression and anxiety.Ā  I’d liken it to being bipolar but going through the entire cycle of elation to crashĀ  If this diet can help regulate my emotions it will be more than worth it!!

Another thing I’ve noticed is generally less aches and pains.Ā  I have a minor scoliosis which leads to daily back pain for me.Ā  It’s hard to measure in any scientific way but my back pain seems to have been less these past few days.

Another great feature of the keto diet is that when you cut out sugar, you eliminate a huge sourceĀ of inflammation in your body.Ā  So if you struggle with chronic pain, it could potentially greatly improve your quality of life and reduce dependence on medication.Ā Ā

When it comes to cutting out sugar you may (like me) want to find a worthy substitute.Ā  I’ve been using xylitol, which I do really like…Ā butĀ it is not carb free and can impact blood sugar levels.Ā  One sweetener (of course natural, artificial aint even an option, people!) that is popular in the keto community is erythritol.Ā  You can get it by itself or mixed with stevia.Ā  I’m going to track some down today and start experimenting.


Author: SierraRosešŸ„€Health

I'm a 31 year old married mom to three on a quest to become my happiest and healthiest self!

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