Day Seven and a Caveat

One thing I have encountered in my researching into the ketogenic diet is a prevalent arrogance against people who report that the dietĀ didn’tĀ work for them.Ā  They tracked their carbs, stuck it out, and saw no progress…orĀ worse,Ā gained weight!

Are these people lying, as some would suggest?Ā  I don’t think so.Ā  My mom tried the keto diet and she is one of the people who didn’t do well on it.Ā  She gave it a month and didn’t lose any weight.

For many people, the diet works amazingly well.Ā  The weight melts off, your thinking is clearer, you have more energy, etc. but that isn’t everybody.Ā  There’s a million diets out there for a reason.Ā  We all have different physiology.Ā  There isn’t a one size fits all approach…despite what some blowhards may claim.

From what I knew of my body, I was fairly certain this diet would be a good fit.Ā  And it is.Ā  Eating a greasy cheeseburger (no bun!) with a big dollop of mayo makes me happy and makes me feel good.Ā  A big hunk of bread would make me feel ill.Ā  A cinabon would do me in for the day.Ā  You have to pay attention to the way your body responds to different foods.Ā  What gives you a sense of well-being?Ā  Head in that direction.

A diet should be sustainable and should be nourishing.Ā  If you can’t stay on it successfully, you’re almost certain to gain back the weight.Ā  That’s why it’s so important to find a diet that enhances your well-being, a diet that you can *gasp* enjoy!Ā Ā 117

Today I ventured to eat out for the first time since starting keto.Ā  I got the steak salad bowl at chipotle.Ā  I skipped obvious carbs like rice and beans and added extra veggies, cheese and guacamole.Ā  It was so good!!Ā  I didn’t feel deprived at all.


Author: SierraRosešŸ„€Health

I'm a 31 year old married mom to three on a quest to become my happiest and healthiest self!

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