Unlocking DNA

Who I am

For Christmas (after many obnoxiously heavy-handed hints), my husband got me aĀ 23 and meĀ genetic testing kit.Ā  I was so super stoked about it.Ā  Not only was I excited to learn about my ancestry, but also gain insight into my health and genetics.

I finally got my results back!!!

I was surprised to learn that I am 100% European.Ā  We were told that our Maternal Grandfather was part Native American.Ā  I have no idea where that belief originated because apparently it isn’t true.Ā  #mindblownĀ  I wasn’t shocked that a solid 50% of my DNA is from the British Isles.Ā  My dad is 100% Irish American.Ā  The other half was a mix of German, French, Scandinavian, general “Northwestern European” with less than 1% being from a distant Italian and Eastern European ancestor.Ā  I was hoping for a little more diversity.Ā  Though apparently I’m more Neanderthal than 76% of people.Ā  Beat that, ya’ll.Ā  I might just club you.

All I need is a cave and a fire

The tests also rightly predicted that as a baby I was bald as a cue ball, my second toes are longer then my big toes, I have light hair, I’m a light sleeper, I have a high caffeine tolerance (hecks yeah!) I have a risk for celiacs disease (yep), and am lactose tolerant (bring on the cream and cheese!).Ā  It was fun to pore over my results, until I discovered that I have both genetic variants they test for indicating a risk for developing macular degeneration with age.

This is scary because one of my biggest fears has always been losing my sight.

The great thing about getting this test done is that now I know.Ā  Knowledge is power.Ā  I’m going to research the heck out of this and do everything I can to prevent this condition.Ā  And if it still happens, well, my husband promised he’ll take care of me.

People have always wondered about where they come from, how they fit into the fabric of human history.Ā  There is something almost magical about finding out the secrets previously locked and hidden in your DNA; the things that make you who you are.Ā  Now I know why I’m drawn to all things Celtic and feel an urge to draw on cave walls. šŸ˜‰

I really recommend getting the test.Ā  If nothing else, it’s interesting.Ā  I discovered a 2nd cousin who was adopted and looking for answers into her birth relatives.Ā  You might discover valuable tools and insights into how to tailor your lifestyle.Ā  Or, like me, be able to work to prevent a condition that may not manifest for another 30 years.



Author: SierraRosešŸ„€Health

I'm a 31 year old married mom to three on a quest to become my happiest and healthiest self!

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