Cheating on Valentine’s Day

Sweet son of a monkey wrench I am feeling like poo this fine morning….

a123I was waffling all day on whether or not to “cheat”.Ā  I read some articles.Ā  I did some thinking.Ā  I decided to cheat.Ā  We went to Applebees and I got barbecued chicken with a side of mashed potatoes AND fries.Ā  I had a glass of white zin.Ā  I ate everything on my plate and had a couple chocolate truffles as well.Ā  The fries were really good.Ā  But pretty much immediately after eating I felt my heart beating harder.Ā  I was thirsty all night.Ā  My stomach wasĀ notĀ happy with me.Ā  The chocolate was really disappointing.Ā  It tasted like gritty sugar and chemicals.Ā  I guess my taste buds have really changed.

My carb-fest must have spiked my insulin and blood sugar and I had trouble falling asleep and basically slept like crap.Ā  I am feelingĀ terrible.Ā  If a food hangover is a thing, baby, I’ve got it.Ā  Waking up after cheating on Valentine’s day with a headache and regret…. sounds like a country song that I don’t want to hear!

However, irritatingly positive person that I am; I am already framing this as a learning experience.

Stars from Scars, People!

The takeaway for me is that I’ve gotten used to feeling better.Ā  Sleeping better.Ā  This experience really put that into perspective.Ā  I like feeling good.Ā  I don’t like feeling like a steaming pile o’poo.Ā  Carbs and sweets really aren’t even something that appeals to me anymore, or not enough in the context that how they taste isn’t worth how they make me feel. šŸ’©

I feel a sense that I was right in thinking that this ketogenic diet is much more than a diet for me.Ā  It’s a way of life.Ā  It’s the way of eating that best supports my health and well-being.

I don’t know if I’ll have more cheat meals in the future.Ā  I probably won’t eat more crappy Applebee’s food, that’s for sure!Ā  Ā But truly and honestly I enjoy the keto-friendly food that I am eating and I really don’t see a pertinent need to cheat, on such a rich and indulgent diet that yields so many benefits.

From a physical standpoint this one cheat experience didn’t ruin my state of ketosis.Ā  From what I’ve read online, there are people who are militant and overzealous about the state of their ketones.Ā  I’m not.Ā  I don’t know if I left ketosis or not but I know for sure I am definitely in ketosis this morning.Ā  My lovely breathe is always a reliable clue.šŸ’



Author: SierraRosešŸ„€Health

I'm a 31 year old married mom to three on a quest to become my happiest and healthiest self!

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