Workin’ Girl

I haven’t written in a few days.

Honestly, I just haven’t been in the mood to write.  Plus, I started my new job and then today got hit with the stomach bug that’s been going around! 🤢😫

I do want to expand a bit on my Valentine’s day cheat.  Ya’ll know it didn’t go super well. 12121 And in honesty, it threw me off so much that it took a good 3-4 days to feel like I was back on track.  I had a lot of cravings and generally feeling icky.  I suppose it’s just more reinforcement that my body really likes keto, and thrives on it.  Next time I cheat I’ll do it a lot smarter.  I’ll “re-feed” with complex carbs to replenish glycogen without unleashing insulin fury and setting off a week of sugar cravings!

But honestly, the stress of starting a new job has caused major cravings too.  Sometimes you just want some ^#*$ing carbs, right?!  I’ve been wanting to mow down on some popcorn or pizza. 2121 I’ve been really good though.  To get a bit of a comfort food fix I made some chocolate keto ice cream.   No pictures will be posted because the end result wasn’t pretty.  Pragmatist that I am I decided to not do all the separate mixing and (dirtying of bowls!) consolidate into less steps (and dirty bowls!).  The chocolate didn’t quite blend all the way in so there are bits of solid chocolate in the end result.  I do like it though, it makes it almost taste like a cookies and cream ice cream.  I also used regular baking chocolate for less carbs.  It was still pretty sweet.

I’ve also had to figure out some quick, easy and portable meals to take to work.  I’ve been eating ham and cheese egg muffins (I posted the recipe here).  I’ve also been throwing together a very simple tuna salad.  I don’t like fish except for tuna.  I buy lower mercury, wild caught canned tuna and of course add in a generous amount of my avocado oil based mayo.  Plus a diced up dill pickle, because, pickles and tuna go together like p.b. and jelly!  I just mix it up and eat it straight.  You could also dress it up with celery or spinach leaves.

I’ve also been making a big travel mug of chai tea with coconut butter and ethyritol.  I sip on it all day for steady energy.  When lunch time rolls around, I am just starting to get hungry because the tea really tides me over.

When I do get hit hard with carb cravings I try to remember all the benefits I’ve gained.  Starting a new job and getting out of my comfort zone, I’ve had so much less anxiety than I would have otherwise.  I even dealt with a less than nice costumer who was giving me a hard time (for being new, and human) and it didn’t even faze me.  Like, at all.  Plus I do get to eat a lot of delicious food and my jeans have all un-shrunk! 😉


Author: SierraRose🥀Health

I'm a 31 year old married mom to three on a quest to become my happiest and healthiest self!

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