“Hitting the ‘F’-it Button”

Nice title, huh?Ā  I read that quote in an article awhile back.Ā  They used it in the negative sense, but I kind of loved it.Ā  That’s kind of been my approach lately.Ā  Let me explain…

I think I’ve had an “it’s complicated” relationship with food ever since 7th grade.Ā  I remember in FACS (home ec.) class learning about calories and fat grams and nutrition.Ā  As everyone else zoned out, the teacher had my full attention.Ā  This was back in the low fat era so I started avoiding fat like the plague.Ā  I wouldn’t touch butter.Ā  I’d make popcorn with a butter-esque spray.Ā  Gag.

While my knowledge of nutrition has greatly evolved since then, has my relationship with food?Ā  My relationship with my body?

I had a bit of an epiphany.Ā  I had thought, almost obsessively, about food and diet every single day.Ā  For way too much time each day.Ā  I just kind of realized what a complete waste of time it was.Ā  I was sick of forcing myself to “try harder” at staying keto when I was, frankly; over it.Ā  I was sick of being so restricted.

For the past month or two I have been eating what I want.Ā  No restrictions.Ā  No fasting.Ā  At first my weight did go up pretty quickly.Ā  I had to trust my body.Ā  I had to push through some uncomfortable “fat” feelings.Ā  I haven’t stepped on the scale in ages.Ā  It is literally covered in dust.Ā  But I can tell that I’ve slimmed back down to what is probably my body’s healthy set point.

I’m feeling really good.

I think some of us are naturally drawn to more extremes.Ā  But extreme doesn’t always equal healthy.Ā  While I think the ketogenic diet is a good diet and it helps a lot of people- it is also very restrictive.Ā  When I would “fall off the wagon” I would eat junkĀ excessively. Ā For some people, that very restrictive way of eating triggersĀ moreĀ unhealthy behaviors.Ā  I am definitely one of those people.

Some people really benefit from structure and discipline but others just need to chill.Ā  Life is so much better when you have figured out how to listen to your body; feed it what it wants, make peace with it, treat it well.

I’ve been listening to my body and it’s been really great.Ā  Every morning I want scrambled eggs with cheese on buttered toast.Ā  So I eat it.Ā  I’ve still been adding collagen and goji berry powder to my coffee and my hair is growing really fast and my skin looks better than ever.Ā  I’ve been enjoying carbs, oh yes.Ā  I might again launch into a healthy eating plan in the future, but I’m pretty happy with where I am at the moment šŸ™‚

Image may contain: 2 people, including Sierra Rose, people smiling, child and closeup
My Daughter and I



Author: SierraRosešŸ„€Health

I'm a 31 year old married mom to three on a quest to become my happiest and healthiest self!

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