First day of the Rest of My Life

I’m a little late in the game, here at the 7th of January but late is better than never, right?Ā  Sometimes motivation kicks in seemingly at random.Ā  I’ve been wanting to make some changes for awhile but I woke up today and knew it was the right time.Ā  I wanted to start this blog to document my progress.

First, a little about me.Ā  I am actually already pretty physically fit.Ā  I’m one of those weirdos that enjoy a tough workout.Ā  I love doing HIIT cardio and a tough strength training workout.Ā  I love endorphins and progress.Ā  I’ve always been motivated to workout so that isn’t the problem.

What is the problem is that I have a major sugar addiction.Ā  I don’t really “binge” per say but I snack and I almost always want something sweet.Ā  Chocolate, cookies, sweetened coffee…Ā  I really am overly reliant on them for an energy boost.Ā  I lie and tell myself I deserve them after a tough workout.Ā  But my heart and tight jeans know the truth.

Coming off the holidays my weight, while still in the healthy range, is higher than I’d like.Ā  But more importantly, I just want to feel better.Ā  I know sugar is terrible for me.Ā  I can’t seem too properly regulate it.Ā  I just need to cut it out.Ā Ā 26638168_10159925309005074_866830561_n

So this is my first picture.Ā  My “before”.

I’m 5’5″ with about 20% body fat at 119 pounds.

My plan is to keep doing my workouts 5 times a week as usual but really overhaul my diet.

As a type O blood person I do best with a lot of protein and meat.

While my heart wants carbs galore I know I feel best eating high fat, high protein and low carb.

I want to start out at about 1,500 calories a day and keep carbs under 50 grams, with very little sugar.Ā  I’ll be getting my carbs from veggies.

I’m looking forward to having more level energy and emotions.Ā  I’m looking forward to getting more definition and less “cushion”.Ā  I’m not interested so much in weight loss as I am in generally feeling better andĀ gainingĀ lean muscle mass as I cut some body fat (while staying within what is healthy for a female).Ā  I really love a lean, strong look and that is my goal.Ā  I would like a more defined six pack and a smaller toosh!

I plan to update on progress with pics and other fun details to help myself stay motivated.