Health, Hormones, and Keto…oh my!

I think it’s is arrogant to assume we know everything about the human body.Ā  We don’t.Ā  But there are some things that weĀ doĀ know and we should use them to our advantage.

I’ve spent (too many!) hours scouring articles and message boards on the keto diet.Ā  And for as many people who try it, there are as many results.Ā  Some women report their hormones go from dysfunctional to problem free, finding relief from PCOS or endometriosis. Some people are able to reverse diabetes and high blood pressure and go off of their medication.Ā  Other people report that the diet caused hypothyroidism.

It’s important to give your body proper nutritional support, especially when embarking on a diet.Ā  Any diet can stress your adrenal glands and possibly impact your thyroid function.


Here are some natural supplements I am taking to support my adrenal and thyroid function.Ā  The thyroid energy support has zinc, copper, iodine, B-vitamins, and a couple adaptive herbs.Ā  Nothing too crazy.

Ideally you canĀ improveĀ your adrenal health as you are cutting out a major source of stress on your body- sugar.Ā  Sugar and Adrenals

You also want to try to keep stress levels down.Ā  If you’re into cardio, you may want to scale it back.Ā  You don’t need to slog through hours of cardio to burn off carbs because you’re not eating them!Ā  Stick with minimal cardio because too much can be a negative form of stress.Ā Ā Stress and Cardio Ā  Ā Moderate activity throughout the day is actually really great for you.Ā  Cleaning your house, playing with your kids, going for a walk- those are all ideal ways to aid your body in burning fat without increasing cortisol levels.

Another thing that (especially for women) you want to be aware if you are going keto; that you may experience funky side effects as you lose body fat.Ā  Ā I had three days of achiness in my legs, the same feeling I get when I’m really hormonal.Ā  Why?Ā  Your body stores estrogen and toxins in your body fat.Ā  As you burn body fat those hormones and toxins get released into your blood steam.Ā  Because we are exposed to a lot of environmental estrogen, a lot of us women have symptoms of estrogen dominance.Ā  If you’ve seen women shaped like extreme pears; regular sized torso andĀ hugeĀ bottom and thighs- that’s estrogen dominance.Ā  Estrogen is very important for our health but too much, and the franken-estrogen we are exposed to, can cause major problems.Ā  We want to decrease our body fat and flush out the extra estrogen, even if it means a bit of discomfort for the time being.Ā  Xenoestrogens

You can aid the process along by staying hydrated (don’t forget your electrolytes!!) and sweating.Ā  If you’re lucky enough to have access to a sauna, use it everyday.Ā  Yes, you can sweat out toxins.Ā Ā Benefits of SweatingĀ  You can get similar benefits from sweating during a workout.Ā  You can also try hot detox baths with epsom salt, dry-brushing, and rebounding.

I know I’ve mainly addressed women but men can really benefit from detoxing as well because you guys suffer side effects from environmental estrogen exposure too!