Day Three, Yay Me

Yesterday I ended up feeling some die-off symptoms for sure.Ā  I spose that’s to be expected after consumingĀ  an entire cup of coconut oil. Ā I’m a “go big or go home” type of person.Ā  Obviously.

For me, it’s really all or nothing.

Part of the reason for the fast was that I wanted to get my drinking under control.Ā  That sounds really dramatic.Ā  *ugh*Ā  I never drank much in my early 20’s.Ā  The experiences I had as a teen were drinking to the point of blacking out.Ā  I hated that out of control feeling and didn’t drink for years.Ā  In my late 20’s I started discovering wine and the fact that I really enjoyed it.

I don’t know when it officially becomes a problem but I know I didn’t want to go a night without it.Ā  I was also developing a tolerance and needing more and more to get my pleasant little buzz.

I knew I needed to check myself and that I was sabotaging my health goals.Ā  Even lower carb wine isĀ not a great choiceĀ if you have candida overgrowth.Ā  It’s not great for staying in ketosis.Ā  It’s not great when you feel like you *need* it.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying wine or beer or whatever in moderation. Ā ButĀ you have to be honest with yourself and evaluate if it is contributing to your goals.Ā  Especially if you have a family history of alcoholism (and I do)ā€¦

I’m not saying I’m an alcoholic, or that I’ll never enjoying a drink again, I just want to give my body a break.Ā  Plus, trying to do any sort of detox and continuing to drink is…really dumb.Ā  You’re liver is going to be overwhelmed.Ā  You’re likely to stir up toxins that you can’t process and they’ll just redistribute through your body…all while making you feel like death.

I did notice when I got super strict and low carb the desire to drink went away almost completely.Ā  It makes me wonder if my desire to drink wine was, in part, due to the fact that little yeasty bastards were demanding more sugar- in any form. Ā Alcohol and CandidaĀ 

I’ve talked to some people who had candida issues and they couldn’t stay out of the bread bowl.Ā  Or they get shakey if they go 4 hours without eating.Ā  Some people become full blown alcoholics.Ā  Or, like me, it’s damn near impossible to resist the siren song ofĀ sweet. Ā I am really proud of myself for taking these steps.Ā  And it’s so important to “pat yourself on the back” when you make steps to break bad habits or better your health.Ā  It’s not easy.Ā  But it is worth it.Ā  Especially since IĀ doĀ have a lot on my plate.Ā  My kids are all home for summer break and theyĀ follow me around all day. Ā Not silently.Ā  No.Ā  They want to be fed.Ā  They want to be entertained.Ā  They want to tattle on a sibling.Ā  All.Ā  Day.Ā Image may contain: 5 people, including Sierra Rose, people smiling, child and closeup

Switching gears a bit- I’ve been doing pretty well.Ā  I decided to do a workout and I noticed more little red bumps with white crystals on my abdomen.Ā  Not as bad as last time.Ā  What I’ve been doing has had the undesired effect of making me run to the bathroom for round after round of hot watery explosions.Ā See the source image
Not the intended effect.

I decided I need to add bentonite clay and psyllium capsules to get more of a real detox- not a “just ate sushi at a buffet in a dive at 4 pm” detox.

I also hope to use this time to not only break bad habits and feel better, but to grow closer to God.Ā  I’ve really been slacking, spiritually, of late and fasting is a great way to shake off spiritual apathy.