Keto Family

I posted awhile back about wanting to try the keto diet for the whole family.  20180524_181823894515596.jpg

Reasons being, I now technically have three special needs kids.  One with severe eczema/TSW, one with aspergers, and my youngest now with autism and/or ADHD.  All three struggle with anxiety to some extant.

One unexpected perk I experienced going keto was a drastic reduction in my own anxiety, along with an increase in mental clarity and focus.

They are all three very thin so this would technically be a therapeutic approach and I’d have to monitor their weight to make sure they weren’t dropping any.  It’d be wonderful if we were able to avoid perscription drugs for my youngest, and get my oldest off of his.  I really believe in the therapeutic value of ketones for brain health.  keto for ADHD

Either way, it can’t hurt to cut out refined sugars and empty calories.

We’ve been slooowly easing in by having keto-style dinners.  Thankfully, my kids generally like veggies and meat.  I decided, for the sake of my sanity, to wait until school was out before going full-bore.

A high fat diet is great for  developing brains.  Not to mention fresh veggies and good protein.  Admittedly, it’s probably going to be a tough transition so we’re just doing a trial period to see if the potential benefits are worth it.

There’s one week of school so I have time to start meal planning.  I’ll post as we go!




The Magic Pill

Last night my husband and I watched this film (on netflix) called “The Magic Pill”.  My husband, Tim, was actually the one who wanted to watch it.  Which was surprising because it’s all about the keto diet and it’s role in reversing all kinds of health conditions. This is a man that would eat mac and cheese every day of his life if I didn’t intervene.

It was really good, very informative.  It centered around people in crisis mode with their health and using the keto diet as a life-saving intervention.  One woman was able to get off her antibiotics and rescue inhaler for her severe asthma and respiratory infections.  One woman gained back her clarity from descending into dementia.  One little girl started to talk for the first time and stopped seizing.  Most shockingly, a woman was able to completely cure herself of a metastic breast cancer- with no other interventions!  Sorry for the spoilers, but really, it’s a must see!

Not only that, but these people got their joy back.  Their zest for life.  By the end of the movie they not only looked different, but they were different.  They weren’t trudging through life anymore.

My husband got up and dramatically tossed his box of cheezits into the garbage.  He doesn’t need to lose weight, but he does want to feel his best.  We both agreed we should try it out as a family.  It might really help our kids with their various issues.

I just had my daughters IEP meeting this week.  They classified her under the autism spectrum.  I think she has more signs of ADHD but they aren’t allowed to diagnose that anymore for political reasons.  Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

I do still think that vaccines are the leading cause of neurological problems in children.  The aluminum adjuvant is in nanoparticle size and gets deposited in the brain- causing all sorts of damage.  My daughter only got one, at her birth.  But we also live on very tainted land.  For years we lived next to big GMO fields where they sprayed pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer and that was poisoning our water, soil and even the air we breathe.  We live in the upper midwest in a smallish town, so a GMO field is only a stones throw away from even where we live now.

I think all these things are affecting us and our children in ways we can only begin to understand.

But if we can medicate ourselves with dietary interventions instead of resorting to potentially dangerous medications, we certainly should.  Please don’t hear that I’m condemning meds.  My oldest son needs concerta to get through his school day.  But the hope is that we could find a natural intervention that would eliminate that need.

I need to figure out how to approach this, and do it the healthiest way.  I’ll probably wait until summer break starts, so I don’t have to worry about packing keto-friendly lunches.  It’ll be tough for sure, but I believe 100% in the neurological and health promoting benefits of the keto diet- even for the most extreme and dire conditions.