Age in Reverse

Yesterday I came across this photo of my husband, his mother, and I from 2011.Ā  This was 7 years ago.Ā  I would have been 24 or 25.Ā  Still a youngin’ by any reckoning.Ā  I was taken aback though, because I seriously look younger now, at 31.Ā oldcicic

Yes, I know, my husband is really tall.Ā  It leads to awkward hugs and a constant battle over the driver seat settings in our cars!

At the time I was dealing with severe chronic fatigue.Ā  It was starting to dawn on me that I had celiacs disease.Ā  But it took a long time to give up wheat.Ā  It took time to grieve the fact of all that I had to give up.Ā  I loved pizza and pasta and sandwiches…and just eating like a “normal” person.Ā  Plus, at the time, the gluten free options were limited and pretty gross.

I knew my potential future though.Ā  I come from a very large Irish Catholic family and virtually all of my dad’s 10 sisters had MAJOR auto-immune health problems.Ā  Lupus, celiacs, hashimotos, R.A. just to name a few.Ā  I didn’t want to live sick and die young.

I gradually made changes as I learned.Ā  I went from eating a standard american diet to a more natural anti-inflammatory diet.Ā  I cut back on sugar (I was a major sugar junkie!) till I eventually cut it out together.Ā  I also have to avoid preservatives, MSG, carageenan, nitrates and soy lecithin.Ā  If I eat any of these triggers IĀ will feel like absolute death.Ā Ā My body is just hyper-sensitive to inflammation.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself because I have to eat a very limited diet, I choose to see it as a gift.Ā  It forces me to be accountable and eat well.Ā  I mostly embarked on my health journey in order to feel better.Ā  I’ll be honest, I’m not there 100%.Ā  I still have days were I feel exhausted.Ā  I still slip up and eat food I shouldn’t.Ā  But I’ve come so far.Ā  My health issues started me on a path not only towards healing, but towards optimized health.Ā  The journey has been tough at times, but I’ve learned so much along the way.Ā  For that I am grateful.

Not to toot my own horn (ok, maybe a little!) but I think I look younger now then I did then.Ā  When you take care of yourself, it shows.Ā  Especially as you get older.Ā 20180510_0909142132568400.jpg

Make smart choices to feel better today.Ā  Make those smart choices into your habits and routine.Ā  Those smart choices will have a cumulative effect, one of them being a more youthful appearance, and who doesn’t want that?!