Birthday Cakes and Icy Lakes

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. I went on a roadtrip to visit my mom’s side of the family for a reunion in Wisconsin.

*Pretending to do lakeside Yoga*

My husband gifted me some pretty sweet bowflex select tech dumbells.Ā  He knows the way to my heart!!

It was fun and included an iced dark chocolate mocha, french fries and an ice cream sundae. #noregrets

But today is going to be a fasting day.Ā  I just got done watching most of the “Skinny on Fat” series andĀ SuperchargedĀ the movie.Ā  The series really should have been more condensed.Ā  Each episode was over 2 hours long and there was a lot of repetition.Ā  The Supercharged movie was pretty cheesy (low carb!) but had some good info.Ā  But again, mostly just more of what I already know IĀ should be doing. Ā 

I say “should be” because the two things that stick out to me are two things that most human beings are pretty resistant towards- fasting and purposeful cold exposure.Ā  #notfunĀ  But if you want to get the best results, as far as being healthy, lean, and staying young- you have to embrace some discomfort.

One thing that sticks out to me is that now science is backing up practices that people have been embracing for health reasons for eons.Ā  Fasting as a religious practice has basically always been practiced.Ā  When I read about other people’s struggles to get into ketosis, it taking days and being very uncomfortable, I was surprised.Ā  I got into ketosis the first day and it really wasn’t a difficult process.Ā  Now I chalk that up to the fasting I’ve done over the years for spiritual purposes.Ā  If you go extended lengths abstaining from food youĀ willĀ go into ketosis even if you don’t mean to or have any idea what that means.Ā  At that point you have more fat-burning flexibility.Ā  Your body is much more adept at transitioning.Ā  Fasting has been embraced as a powerful spiritual tool throughout human history but now we can appreciate the truly amazingĀ benefits .Ā  Fasting is probably the closest thing to the fountain of youth that we currently understand.

Up here in Minnesota we have what’s known as the “Polar Plunge”; where people will cut a hole in the ice (on a lake, of course) and jump into the freezing cold water.Ā  I used to live by a dentist who swore by this and would jump into our icy lake often.Ā  I thought these people were nuts.Ā  Nuts, maybe, but now we know the amazing health-promotingĀ  properties of exposing your body to intense cold for brief periods.Ā  It’s even better if you can alternate hot and cold.Ā  Like they do in Scandinavian countries- go from the sauna to the ice.Ā  If you don’t have access to a frozen lake you can always mimic this in the much less cool (but still effective) basic ice bath.Ā  Or even just cold water bath.Ā  I think there’s one in my future that I am currently psyching myself up for.

Why go through all of this?Ā  Well, I am 32 and I want to get better and feel better with age.Ā  I spent a lot of my 20’s feeling horrible and I have a lot of life I want to live.Ā  Oh, and I also want to look great while doing it. šŸ˜‰

So here is to living life.Ā  Enjoying sundaes and fundays but also getting out of your comfort zone to tap into powerful, ancient health-rejuvenating powerhouses!!


Fasting and Reeses

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post!Ā  Juggling kids, work, life can suck up all my time or at least whatever creative energy I might have had šŸ˜‰

In my last post I mentioned feeling tired.Ā  I was worried that my diet could possibly affecting my thyroid function.Ā  I started researching it right away and doing little things to help my thyroid out.Ā  I bought some brazil nuts and I’ve been eating a few a day.Ā  Brazil nuts are SUPER high in selenium (one nut has 100% of your daily needs!) which helps you body convert your T4 hormone to the active T3 version.Ā  I’ve also been taking a supplement which naturally supports thyroid function.

But since I’ve had a lot of issues with my thyroid in the past, I went in to get it checked out- just to cover all my bases.Ā  Like just went in, I still have the bandaid on my arm!Ā  While I amĀ allĀ for googling symptoms I also really believe in working with a doctor when you’re treading into the deep end.Ā  Because otherwise you could just be shooting into the dark and completely missing your target.Ā  I’m also checking my vitamin D and iron levels, because in the past I’ve been anemic and deficient in vit. D.Ā  I supplement but it’ll be nice to know if my levels are optimal.

I did throw in some high carb days to see how that would affect my energy.Ā  Yes, I had copious amounts of butter chicken and may have binged on some Reeses easter eggs!Ā  It was super fun eating those foods but it really didn’t do much to boost my energy levels.Ā  I know, I know, I shouldn’t be carb-cycling with reese’s.

This is me, people

You’re so right.Ā  I guess when I go off the wagon I do it with a gusto.Ā  ThereĀ isĀ a wrong way to eat a reese’s and it involves eating an excess on an otherwise very low-carb diet!

So I’m back on strict keto and doing pretty good.Ā  The next thing I want to try out is intermittent fasting.Ā  I’ve shied away from fasting because, really; who likes being hungry?Ā  I like my food!Ā  I don’t like going without it, not even a little bit.Ā Ā However,Ā there are very compelling reasons to integrate fasting.Ā  The main being that fasting for at least 16 hours induces a huge increase in your cellularĀ autophagy Ā When your body isn’t working to digest food it can focus on deep cleaning on a cellular level.Ā  Autophagy is the process by which your body intelligently kills off weak cells and cleans out the cellular clutter that is mucking up your system.Ā  This is crucial for your health.Ā  So crucial that it can not be overstated.Ā  Our bodies are meant to fast and have breaks from food so that they could function optimally.Ā  For everything from healthy aging, to disease prevention, to beating cancer… we need and want regular autophagy to be happening.Ā  And fasting is one of the most powerful boosts you can give your body.Ā  You want to shoot for 16 hour periods every other day.Ā  You can have black coffee and tea but any calories will break the fast.Ā  I’m going to try starting my fasts in the afternoon so that I can break them mid-morning.Ā  Like from 5 pm to 9 am.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!