One Year Later- RESULTS!

My photos from a year ago popped up on my phone this morning.  I saw a pic of where I was at then and I had to of course compare it to now, 6 or so months into a ketogenic lifestyle.

The second picture was this morning.  Of course I had to make a dorky face.  Might as well if you’re taking bathroom selfies, and flexing no less.  I think I look leaner and more defined.  I’m probably only a couple pounds lighter.  I started lifting heavier and increased my lean muscle mass while cutting a bit of body fat.

In the “before” pic I was very fit, working out very hard but not getting the results I wanted.  I remember thinking I should be getting more out of the work I was putting in.  I wanted to be leaner but, as much as I knew about health and fitness, I wasn’t sure how to go about it.  I knew just cutting calories wasn’t a great plan because cutting calories is a sure fire way to slow your metabolism which is like shooting yourself in the foot.

I have to admit this all pure vanity stuff.  Of course I want to be healthy but when it’s five pounds plus or minus it’s pretty much aesthetics.  I’ve had three babies but I really wanted great abs.  20180608_1309022006147604.jpg

Goal: accomplished.

I don’t do crunches or count calories.  I just keep my carbs low, eat plenty of healthy fat and protein, and lift challenging weights.  When I do cardio I keep it very short with HIIT style workouts.

My belly button looks wonky and I have plenty of stretch marks, but they’re badges of honor.  I just want to be the best version of me and honor what my body has accomplished.




I’ve been at this keto lifestyle for 19 days and drumroll…. I’ve lost five pounds of body fat!  Five pounds in under 20 days!  If you need a visual to process that, here ya go.


I’m sorry if you are currently eating.  Shocking, isn’t it?

20180125_093402.jpgAll I did was track my food with the fitness pal app.  I didn’t even cut back on calories much.  I just kept my carbs low (under 50 grams) and my fat high (over 110 grams).

If anything, I’ve cut back on exercise.  I do about 30 minutes a day.  I stick mostly with strength training.  I’ve been going over my supposed calorie needs every day, sometimes by up to 400 calories.  And still, results!

I’m feeling good.  I feel strong.

Obviously, I really highly recommend the ketogenic diet.  For most people, you are going to get results, and quickly!  The honest downside is that you are very limited in what you can eat.  If you stroll down the aisles at your grocery store you’ll realize you can’t eat 90% of what is in the store.  I have celiacs disease, so I’m used to a limited diet.  It hasn’t been a huge deal to me, but I can see how it would be to someone who is used to eating whatever they want.

But the real benefits are that you lose stored body fat without having to deprive yourself.  You won’t lose muscle like you would on a low calorie diet.  You’re eating foods that are great for you.  Your thinking will get clearer and your cravings will greatly dissipate.  All that fat is great for skin and brain health. Fat and Cholesterol Critical for Brain Health Dietary fat for Healthy Skin


Eat Fat to Burn Fat

First, let me set up some of my weight/diet history for you.  I was always very skinny and active as a kid.  I loved sweets and chocolate with a passion.  I’d make myself cocoa or chocolate malt-o-meal every day before school.

When I got married I was pretty tiny.  But after having two more kids (I have three) my weight crept up and up.  I was eating healthier and working out more, so…what the ever-living heck?!?!  You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.  Bad eating habits catch up even to naturally thin people.  I was eating too many damn carbs.

I set what I thought would be a realistic goal.  My “fighting weight” of the past couple years.  I zoomed down to it within 8 days.  I was a believer in this diet but, wow!  I’ve been losing half a pound of body fat a day.  I know it is body fat because I have a blue tooth scale that measures hydration and muscle mass, along with weight.  My muscle mass and hydration have gone slightly up as the fat has been melting off.

I’ve been keeping my carbs under 50 grams, my fat well over 100 and protein between 60-90 grams.  I shoot for 70-80% of my calories from fat.

So your thinking, all right, that sounds good but SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL how am I going to eat that much fat?!? 

All right, calm down a sec, cause it’s not that hard.  Really.

It helps if you are a coffee person like me.  You can easily wave your keto wand over your coffee to turn it into a metabolic-stoking “fat bomb” delight.

While my coffee is brewing I add a tablespoon of butter from grass fed cows, a teaspoon of MCT oil, and a generous scoop of coconut oil to a blender cup along with a bit of xylitol.  When my coffee is done is dump it into the blender cup, blend it up, and dump it back into my mug.   Easy peasy!

This is known as “bulletproof” coffee.  It provides your body with 50-60 grams of fat.  It will keep you full for hours as you torch fat like a maniac.  All these healthy (you better believe it!) saturated fats are great for brain, skin, and hormonal health.

It’s really not as gross as it sounds.

One thing you should be aware of is that all this fat requires a bit of time to digest.  I normally down my coffee then launch into my workout before my kids wake up.  If you drink this and immediately work out the results won’t be great.  I promise.  Take a 10-15 minutes at least before any strenuous activity.

I realized on this journey that I am still “programmed” to buy leaner cuts of meat, like chicken breast.  That’s not helpful.  I’m switching to buying dark meat cuts like chicken thighs or drumsticks.  Most of the nutrients is found in the dark meat anyways.

Most of us who grew up in the 90’s were taught to avoid dietary fat (especially saturated!) as if it would instantly clog our arteries and make us fat.  It’s was a load of  poo propagated by big agriculture.  If I need proof, as a resident of the Upper Midwest, I just drive past some local fields.  Corn and Soy.  For miles.  Farmers get big subsidies to grow these franken-GMO crops that are destroying our health.  I could go on and on but trust me when I saw traditional fats are incredibly healthy.  Fats created in a lab are making us fat, sick and diabetic.   What is Healthy Fat?    Well, that, and sugar and our 6-11 servings of grains a day.  Sorry to say, ya’ll, but if the American Heart Association poo-poos it, you know it’s good for you!!!  AMA Corrupt and Wrong