Day One, Get’er Done

My detox kit came yesterday and I am well on my way, ya’ll.Ā  It’s a 14 day plan and during that time I am consumingĀ noĀ alcohol, sugar or carbs.Ā See the source image I’m playing the world’s tiniest violin for myself right now.

No, not really.Ā  The hardest part is determining toĀ start. Ā 

I kid you not, 95% of the allergies that were ruining my life yesterday have cleared upĀ already. Ā 

I can tell my ketone levels are very high because my thinking is much sharper and I have that “quiet hum” feeling to my thoughts.

At this point I am doing coffee and tea with ample amounts of organic, virgin coconut oil and some grass-fed butter.Ā  The point is not to lose weight.Ā  I just want to trigger some majorĀ autophagyĀ and clear out my digestive system.Ā  I’m hoping to see some Alien-style stuff.Ā  Just google mucoid plaque and you’ll see what I mean.Ā  Or don’t, if you are eating.Ā  It’s basically just a disgusting buildup of a rubbery substance that can line the insides of our intestines.Ā  It obviously gunks up our system and prevents proper nutrient absorption.Ā  Lots of people have decided to post theirs online.Ā  I won’t.Ā  But it’s out there if you’re curious.Ā  It typically only comes out with extended fasting and a cleansing protocol.Ā  It brings shock and horror but I’d imagine if you have gunk that needs to come out, you’ll feel like a million bucks when it does. Ā See the source image

There’s is no way I am living off of bulletproof coffee for 14 days so I’ll incorporate some raw veggies too.Ā  I’ll try to post everyday with *fun and interesting* tidbits from my experience.


Cheesecake Plus Positive Thinking

I love, love listening to podcasts.Ā  I do so many menial chores around the house every day that are made so much moreĀ enrichingĀ with a good podcast.Ā  When I vaccuum, I put on my hot pink beats and totally zone out.Ā  One of my favorites is Dave Asprey’s bulletproof podcast.Ā  The guy is a mad genius.Ā  I love it.Ā  One thing he really emphasizes on the show, and it’s 100% backed by research findings, is the sheer power of positive thinking.

I thought about that today as I had to go in to work with hair that still makes me sad šŸ˜¦Ā  The ladies I saw at theĀ secondĀ salon were able to help, but still…my hair is canary YELLOW.Ā  It’s not cute.Ā  I tried lots of tricks at home to tone it down.Ā  De nada.Ā  I even slept with my hair soaked in coconut oil and cocoa powder.Ā  All it did was make my hair crunchy.Ā  I washed it out and voila!Ā  Bright yellow.

I pulled it back and decided that I was just going to have to rock it with confidence.Ā  There was nothing to be done and I’m not about to call out of work on account of embarrassing hair.

So I did, and I survived.Ā  I decided I’m just going to scrap the whole thing and dye my hair an auburn color to cover up this horrific misdeed.Ā  Especially after being told, multiple times, that it didn’t lookĀ thatĀ bad.Ā  Not exactly a look I want!

I did comfort myself with aĀ deliciousĀ piece of keto cheesecake for breakfast and that made it all ok for about five minutes! This was so good, guys.Ā  This cheesecake, in itself, is worth converting to keto…if you haven’t already! šŸ˜‰Ā 20180307_081333.jpg

I found the original recipe atĀ fat for weight loss.Ā  Not only was it delicious, but a small (ok, generous, I had another “sliver” after this piece!) kept me full for hours.

The only things I changed was the crust and the cook time.Ā  I don’t have shredded coconut so I added much more almond flour.Ā  Like 1 1/2 cups.Ā  He recommended a cook time of 45 minutes but at that point it was more hot, oozing custard than cake.Ā  It needed another 15 minutes at a higher temp. of 345 degrees F.

I’ve never made cheesecake before and I had the impression that it would be hard, but this was really pretty simple.Ā  The hardest part is waiting for it to cool before digging in!