Son of a Biscuit

I love (really love!!) that I am able to incorporate baked goods into my ketogenic lifestyle.  This makes me incredibly happy.  I’m an ok cook but an enthusiastic baker.  I’m not incredibly talented or anything, I just enjoy it.  The warmth of the oven, the aroma wafting through the house, tasting warm and gooey creations… it make me happy.

My latest creation was a recipe I adapted from chocolate chip cookies at perfect keto.  Can you think of anything nummier than a warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie?  Me neither!  20180221_184356.jpg

If you’re into cookie dough, this is one recipe where the dough is almost better than the finished product.  I might have helped myself to a few bites…and this recipe may have been my dinner last night. 😉

I didn’t want my recipe to be too dry (as recipes with almond flour can be) so I reduced the “flour” down to 2 1/2 cups and did equal parts almond and coconut flour.  I also added almond and vanilla extract.

For my chocolate I chopped up a 90% dark chocolate bar.

I also found that I had to “nuke” my butter and coconut oil.  They said room temp, but my room temp is a bit too chilly for coconut oil to blend.  20180222_081614.jpg

The end result was delicious.  Still a bit dry so have a cup of steaming coffee or cold milk to wash these down.  The texture is a bit more biscuit than cookie, but the taste is pretty close.  This is a more sophisticated, grown up cookie.  Just sweet enough to be a treat, minus the guilt.  Your kids won’t steal them.  Win-win. cookies