Cleansing and Toxins

One topic that has always interested me isĀ cleansing. Ā If I had an irrational fear (if…haha)Ā it would be of toxins.Ā  Many years ago when I started learning about how ubiquitous toxins are to our modern world it literally made me nearly sick with anxiety. I’m a person of faith so I don’t really fear death, per se, but living a subpar life.Ā  My lifeforce (or whatever you want to call it) dulled and blunted by toxins.

There is many benefits to living in modern society.Ā  But with that comes a price.Ā  Sitting behind a big diesel truck in traffic.Ā  Flame retardants on our mattresses.Ā  Cancer causing chemicals sprayed onto our foods.Ā  We can do a lot to minimize our exposure to toxins, but what about the toxins that have built up in our systems over the years?

Here in the Midwest, I have always lived within a stones throw of a field.Ā  Seems innocuous until you realize that the only fields around here are GMO corn and soy that is drenched in chemical fertilizers and ultra-toxic roundup.Ā  That of course works it’s way into the drinking water.Ā  It’s in the air we breathe.

I also grew up eating a lot of canned foods (hello aluminum!).Ā  We thought canned soup was healthy. Ā  We had no idea of the dangers of microwaving food in plastic.Ā  Diet coke was the healthy option.

See the source imageYeah, yeah, so we are all ridden with toxins.Ā  Now what?Ā  That’s where the cleanse comes in.Ā  I know the word “cleanse” comes with some baggage.Ā  In my research I’ve found that a lot of people doing youtube videos and writing articles on the subject tend to range from kooky to snake oil-y.Ā  Or maybe you think of cleansing as a violent, run to the bathroom process….

See the source image
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It definitely shouldn’t be that.Ā  It shouldn’t be expensive.Ā  It can be as easy as fasting for a day and drinking bergamot tea.Ā  I also have usedĀ thisĀ simple 3 day cleanse a couple times and really liked it.Ā  I found it at Wal-Mart for around $6.Ā  I’ve also takingĀ red cloverĀ supplement, and sorry, TMI; but it gave my a weird rash across my abdomen.Ā  I wasn’t sure if it was a reaction or what.Ā  The next day I just happened to hear about rashes being a common byproduct as your body is detoxing.Ā  Everything gets stirred up and you can get some weird symptoms.Ā  A couple days later I had taken it again and had done a workout.Ā  The rash came back with little white dots of which I can only describe as crystalline.Ā  It scrapped away.Ā  Of course I have no proof, but I believe I was literally sweating out toxins.

I am going to embark on a more in depth cleanse, usingĀ this renew life cleanseĀ (it’s a lot cheaper on amazon).Ā  I plan to combine it with a form of water fasting.Ā  At least maybe as much as I feel I can handle.Ā  I like to do my fasting with tea as well because it acceleratesĀ autophagyĀ which is huge in detoxing out junk down to the cellular level.Ā  You don’t have to buy any fancy, expensive teas.Ā  Any bergamot tea will do.Ā  I also like spicy chai tea because the cinnamon and other spices are very anti-inflammatory and healing.Ā  Plus it tastes amazing!Ā  I feel like fasting is so much easier when you can combine it with hot teas.

The idea behind a cleanse is that you want to feel better when it’s done.Ā  Lighter, more energetic.Ā  Your brain may be sharper.Ā  Your skin clearer.Ā  You always want to listen to your body.Ā  If you start feeling really terrible you may be stirring up more toxins then you can safely process.Ā  You may want to back off a bit or opt for a more gentle “Daniel Fast” approach- incorporating fresh (preferably organic!) fruits and vegetables.

You can also greatly aid in the process by supporting your lymph system through rebounding (jumping) and dry brushing.Ā  If you’re doing any sort of cleanse/fast you want to stay away from vigorous exercise.Ā  This is about healing so you want to avoid eternal stresses.Ā  Even good ones like exercise.

Don’t be like me and stress out about it.Ā  The far better option is to find ways to naturally support your bodies ability to detoxify and heal itself.Ā  You can mini-cleanses once a month and a more in depth cleanse once or twice a year.