Keto Family

I posted awhile back about wanting to try the keto diet for the whole family.Ā Ā 20180524_181823894515596.jpg

Reasons being, I now technically have three special needs kids.Ā  One with severe eczema/TSW, one with aspergers, and my youngest now with autism and/or ADHD.Ā  All three struggle with anxiety to some extant.

One unexpected perk I experienced going keto was a drastic reduction in my own anxiety, along with an increase in mental clarity and focus.

They are all three very thin so this would technically be a therapeutic approach and I’d have to monitor their weight to make sure they weren’t dropping any.Ā  It’d be wonderful if we were able to avoid perscription drugs for my youngest, and get my oldestĀ offĀ of his.Ā  I really believe in the therapeutic value of ketones for brain health.Ā Ā keto for ADHD

Either way, it can’t hurt to cut out refined sugars and empty calories.

We’ve been slooowly easing in by having keto-style dinners.Ā  Thankfully, my kids generally like veggies and meat.Ā  I decided, for the sake of my sanity, to wait until school was out before going full-bore.

A high fat diet is great forĀ Ā developing brains.Ā  Not to mention fresh veggies and good protein.Ā  Admittedly, it’s probably going to be a tough transition so we’re just doing a trial period to see if the potential benefits are worth it.

There’s one week of school so I have time to start meal planning.Ā  I’ll post as we go!