Coconut Oil and Candida

Yesterday I did end up eating some keto cheese, egg and asparagus muffins and then more steamed asparagus and cauliflower.Ā  I had taken my afternoon pills from the cleanse pack and oops!Ā  It was a digestive enzyme and was giving me a tummy ache.Ā  So I ate some food, but all super clean and low carb.

Today I am aiming forĀ justĀ bulletproof coffees and teas.Ā  I’m focusing on coconut oil because it is amazing for getting ketone production ramped up- which practically means energy.Ā  I don’t think I could do any kind of zero calorie fast because I just have too many responsibilities.Ā  It’s not like I can sit around and meditate all day.Ā  Though that’d beĀ great. Ā 

Another great thing about coconut oil is that it acts like kryptonite against candida. Ā See the source image

Coconut oil is amazing atĀ killing candida and fungus without doing any harm to your body.Ā  Many people may feel awful when they first start using coconut oil because they are having die-off symptoms and toxins are being released.Ā  I’ve been using coconut oil for years so I have a high tolerance.Ā  When you first start out, you definitely want to take it slow and see how your body reacts.Ā  Maybe a teaspoon on an empty stomach to start.

Since a cup of coconut oil hasĀ almost 2,000 caloriesĀ it’s a great addition to a cleanse to make it more doable.Ā  I can get that easily blended up in coffee and tea throughout the day.Ā  I don’t recommend taking it straight (though you certainly can!) it is incredibly hard to swallow it.Ā  I have to go to my happy place mentally to get it down.Ā  It’sĀ muchĀ better blended into a frothy coconutty latte. 20180803_1156428093723573880223056.jpg

I’m doing pretty good so far.Ā  I feel hungry for sure but I am enjoying the clear thinking, calmer nerves, and steady energy that come with having high ketone levels.Ā  My allergies are still much better.Ā  Yesterday I visited a friend with two very fluffy cats and nary a sneeze out of me.

I’ll adjust the fast to suit me as needed.Ā  I think it’s probably pretty harmless to add in some cleans foods- eggs, veggies, butter; as needed.