Keto Kids

We started Keto as a family last Thursday so today would be day 6 of our “keto adventure”.¬† Well for everyone except my husband who is still sneaking foods like triscuits and heavily sweetened “coffee”. *eyeroll*

So, what have I noticed, other than a lot of complaining?

It’s hard to tell for sure but two instances stand out.¬† My daughter and I were shopping at Target yesterday.¬† Not a get in an out kind of trip, more like “I need to get of the d@mn house before I lose my mind” kind of trip.¬† Lots of meandering.¬† Midway through I glanced down at my daughter, Shiloh, with the sudden realization that she was being good.¬† Very good.¬† She quietly and calmly walked right next to my side¬†through the entire store.¬†¬†


My Little Capuchin!

Then I remembered how eerily well behaved she was yesterday when we took my MIL to a huge antique store.¬† We were nervous bringing her into a cramped place jam packed with breakable items.¬† But she was borderline angelic the entire time.¬† Which, yes, is a huge improvement from her norm.¬† Running off, grabbing stuff, tantrums… oh my.¬†¬†In my opinion, it’s still to early to tell.¬† The real test will come when they go back to school.¬†¬†20180718_0809016013263692184364662.jpg

I did pick up some keto test strips yesterday for the first time.  I tested my daughter this morning and she is definitely in ketosis.  The reading was very high, which I attribute to the fact that she was in a fasting state after having just woke up.

I don’t know if I’ve noticed an improvement in either of my two sons though.¬† My middle child, Gabe, is my little sugar baby and has been¬†very¬†vocal and cranky about the diet.¬† He’s always loved his carbs though.¬† That kid could live off of bread alone.


He’s SO dramatic, I have no clue where he gets it from…

If I don’t see any benefits for my two boys, of course I won’t make them stick with the diet.¬† It is, however, a great way to reboot and kick sugar addiction.¬† Even if I ease up I think it will be much easier to limit sugar and junk because they will have so completely changed their eating habits.






Lurching into Keto

I know I blogged that we were going to go keto as a family probably well over a month ago…but life.

I’ve really been wanting to start but hemmin’ and hawing over the whole thing.¬† I decided to just bite the bullet and start.¬† The start of any new diet needs some sort of a grocery haul.¬† Of course, I went to costco.¬†20180711_1559527856548830844102775.jpg

Today was day one.  After my oldest had cereal for breakfast (dope!) I decided all contraband needed to be boxed up and hidden away in the basement.  The thing about keto is that it really eliminates 95% of processed, junky foods.  We boxed up a lot.

our super bare pantry!

There was a LOT of kid whininess going on.¬† A lot of resistance.¬† “What do you mean I can’t have fruit or candy?!?!”

I just feel like we owe it to them to at least try.

I really hope that the therapeutic effects of ketones can reverse the autism/ADHD symptoms present in my oldest and youngest child.

I think my middle child could greatly benefit in his anxiety and hopefully with his skin condition.

Thankfully I feel like I am pretty comfortable with the diet, since I’ve been doing this for 7 months.

This is officially the start of our trial to see how the ketogenic diet might help us as a family.

I am a bit overwhelmed but much more excited.¬† I would really love to get my 6 year old daughter’s autism diagnosis removed.¬† I would love just more calm in our home.

I know it won’t be perfect but that’s ok.¬† My daughter managed to get ahold of a triscuit and cram it into her mouth before I could stop her.¬† All three of them were showing signs of sugar withdrawal and the start of the fat-adapting process (crankiness, excessive thirst).¬† We’ll just take it one day at a time and see if the benefits prove to be worth it.


Workin’ Girl

I haven’t written in a few days.

Honestly, I just haven’t been in the mood to write.¬† Plus, I started my new job and then today got hit with the stomach bug that’s been going around! ūü§Ęūüėę

I do want to expand a bit on my Valentine’s day cheat.¬† Ya’ll know it didn’t go super well.¬†12121 And in honesty, it threw me off so much that it took a good 3-4 days to feel like I was back on track.¬† I had a lot of cravings and generally feeling icky.¬† I suppose it’s just more reinforcement that my body really likes keto, and thrives on it.¬† Next time I cheat I’ll do it a lot smarter.¬† I’ll “re-feed” with complex carbs to replenish glycogen without unleashing insulin fury and setting off a week of sugar cravings!

But honestly, the stress of starting a new job has caused major cravings too.¬† Sometimes you just want some ^#*$ing carbs, right?!¬† I’ve been wanting to mow down on some popcorn or pizza.¬†2121 I’ve been really good though.¬† To get a bit of a comfort food fix I made some chocolate keto ice cream.¬† ¬†No pictures will be posted because the end result wasn’t pretty.¬† Pragmatist that I am I decided to not do all the separate mixing and (dirtying of bowls!) consolidate into less steps (and dirty bowls!).¬† The chocolate didn’t quite blend all the way in so there are bits of solid chocolate in the end result.¬† I do like it though, it makes it¬†almost¬†taste like a cookies and cream ice cream.¬† I also used regular baking chocolate for less carbs.¬† It was still pretty sweet.

I’ve also had to figure out some quick, easy and portable meals to take to work.¬† I’ve been eating ham and cheese egg muffins (I posted the recipe¬†here).¬† I’ve also been throwing together a very simple tuna salad.¬† I don’t like fish¬†except¬†for tuna.¬† I buy lower mercury, wild caught canned tuna and of course add in a generous amount of my avocado oil based mayo.¬† Plus a diced up dill pickle, because, pickles and tuna go together like p.b. and jelly!¬† I just mix it up and eat it straight.¬† You could also dress it up with celery or spinach leaves.

I’ve also been making a big travel mug of chai tea with coconut butter and ethyritol.¬† I sip on it all day for steady energy.¬† When lunch time rolls around, I am just starting to get hungry because the tea really tides me over.

When I do get hit hard with carb cravings I try to remember all the benefits I’ve gained.¬† Starting a new job and getting out of my comfort zone, I’ve had so much less anxiety than I would have otherwise.¬† I even dealt with a less than nice costumer who was giving me a hard time (for being new, and human) and it didn’t even faze me.¬† Like, at all.¬† Plus I do get to eat a lot of delicious food and my jeans have all un-shrunk! ūüėČ

Cheating on Valentine’s Day

Sweet son of a monkey wrench I am feeling like poo this fine morning….

a123I was waffling all day on whether or not to “cheat”.¬† I read some articles.¬† I did some thinking.¬† I decided to cheat.¬† We went to Applebees and I got barbecued chicken with a side of mashed potatoes AND fries.¬† I had a glass of white zin.¬† I ate everything on my plate and had a couple chocolate truffles as well.¬† The fries were really good.¬† But pretty much immediately after eating I felt my heart beating harder.¬† I was thirsty all night.¬† My stomach was¬†not¬†happy with me.¬† The chocolate was really disappointing.¬† It tasted like gritty sugar and chemicals.¬† I guess my taste buds have really changed.

My carb-fest must have spiked my insulin and blood sugar and I had trouble falling asleep and basically slept like crap.¬† I am feeling¬†terrible.¬† If a food hangover is a thing, baby, I’ve got it.¬† Waking up after cheating on Valentine’s day with a headache and regret…. sounds like a country song that I don’t want to hear!

However, irritatingly positive person that I am; I am already framing this as a learning experience.

Stars from Scars, People!

The takeaway for me is that I’ve gotten used to feeling better.¬† Sleeping better.¬† This experience really put that into perspective.¬† I like feeling good.¬† I don’t like feeling like a steaming pile o’poo.¬† Carbs and sweets really aren’t even something that appeals to me anymore, or not enough in the context that how they taste isn’t worth how they make me feel. ūüí©

I feel a sense that I was right in thinking that this ketogenic diet is much more than a diet for me.¬† It’s a way of life.¬† It’s the way of eating that best supports my health and well-being.

I don’t know if I’ll have more cheat meals in the future.¬† I probably won’t eat more crappy Applebee’s food, that’s for sure!¬† ¬†But truly and honestly I enjoy the keto-friendly food that I am eating and I really don’t see a pertinent need to cheat, on such a rich and indulgent diet that yields so many benefits.

From a physical standpoint this one cheat experience didn’t ruin my state of ketosis.¬† From what I’ve read online, there are people who are militant and overzealous about the state of their ketones.¬† I’m not.¬† I don’t know if I left ketosis or not but I know for sure I am definitely in ketosis this morning.¬† My lovely breathe is always a reliable clue.ūüćí


What I Eat

When I read about a weight loss success story I really want all the details.  I want to know what you actually eat!

So I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been eating regularly on my ketogenic diet…

I always start my day with coffee.¬† I’ve played around with different versions of bulletproof coffee but what I’m drinking now is coffee mixed with a spoonful of collagen, some sweetener, and heavy cream.¬† I just enjoy the taste of real heavy cream over butter or coconut oil.¬† I add a spoonful of collagen, unflavored, because it has incredible¬†benefits¬†and adds extra creamy texture to my coffee.¬† I buy this one because it is cost effective, pure¬†collagen.¬† My sweetener is a mix of all the “natural, artificial” sweeteners I have bought and experimented with.¬† Monk fruit,¬†erythritol and stevia.¬† I just dumped them all into a gallon ziploc baggie, mixed them, and add a small spoonful to whatever I want to sweeten.¬†¬†20180128_063906.jpg

My coffee is usually my breakfast, because it is so rich and heavy.¬† I’ve really noticed an improvement in the way I feel after adding in collagen.¬† Plus, it’s amazing for skin, hair and nails!¬† I really recommend it if you suffer from joint issues, digestive problems, or just want prettier skin!

I usually take my supplements in the morning as well.¬† I take 5,000 ius vitamin D because I live in the arctic (Minnesota), I take iron cause I tend to run low, and I take cod live oil because I’m not a fan of fish though I believe in the benefits of omega-3s.¬† I also take a good multi just to make sure my bases are covered.¬† It may sound like overkill but I’ve done a lot to restore my health with vitamins and supplements.¬† In my early 20’s I developed celiacs disease.¬† I went to a lot of doctors who were pretty clueless.¬† I had to figure it out on my own.¬† By that time I had shredded my gut from years of cluelessly eating gluten and was severely vitamin deficient from lack of proper absorption.¬† I lost a lot of my hair. ūüė¶¬† I felt 90.¬† It was terrible.¬† So, yes, I do believe in being your own health advocate and proper vitamin supplementation!

Getting back to diet….so I’ll do my workout and shower and then have some kind of recovery meal.¬† Sometimes it’s just scrambled cage-free eggs, cooked in a good amount of butter, with a mound of sharp cheddar cheese.¬† Or I’ll do a protein shake.¬† I like using whole milk (lower carb, higher fat) and designer whey protein because it is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit.¬† ¬†That will also serve as lunch.

For dinner it’s meat and veggies.¬† For example in this pic I have a turkey burger (dressed up with curry seasoning) cooked in a liberal amount of avocado oil and topped with pepper jack cheese.¬† With a side of mayo, of course ūüėȬ† And riced cauliflower sauteed in butter.¬† It¬†almost¬†tastes like hashbrowns.

I’m not a food photographer!¬† It’s yum, I promise.

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking.¬† The diet really forces you away from eating processed food.¬† Which is really a good thing.¬† Grocery trips are quicker because I’m just zooming around the periphery of the grocery store.

I’ve also been eating a lot of salad.¬† I hunt down dressing that is made with an acceptable oil, like avocado.¬† It’s super tasty and a way to keep your fat macros up.¬† I always add plenty of either shredded parmesan or cheddar cheese.¬† The salads are so nummy that my kids want them too!¬†20180115_063254.jpg In this one, I’ve made my own keto cobb salad.¬† There’s ham, cheese, soft boiled eggs.

So, you can see that it is possible to lose weight eating foods that are delicious and filling.  Foods that are going to add to your health and well-being.

I don’t want to do a lot of snacking between these filling meals… but snacks I incorporate would be things like parmesan crisps or spoonfuls or peanut butter.¬† I also like bai and vitamin water zero because they have zero net carbs, taste good and help me when I need to cover up my keto-breathe (an unfortunate side effect that hasn’t yet dissipated).

At this point, there are no desserts.¬† I’m honestly really ok with that.¬† As soon as I started keto my sweet cravings almost entirely dissapeared anyways.¬† There are a lot of keto dessert options that you can make though.¬† Maybe I will incorporate more in the future just to mix it up a bit.


Mayo Quest

I almost feel weird going a day without posting!

I spent the day on a quest for mayo.  Yep.  Mayo.  I did have some great stuff made with avocado oil but I ran out.  I tried making my own but that was a disastrous, runny #fail.  So I actually drove through a blizzard to obtain some.

Why?¬† Well, mayo is one food that is encouraged on the keto diet.¬† It’s awesome stuff.¬† With the caveat that it has to be made with a natural oil.¬† Hydrogenated soybean oil¬†aint¬†natural.¬† Good luck finding any mayo that isn’t full or either soybean or canola oil.¬† Both of which are horrible for you-¬†yuck¬†and¬†yucker!¬†¬†Even the stuff labeled as “olive oil” mayo.¬† Check the ingredients, topping the list will be soybean oil.

In my quest I checked some four stores and eventually had to brave the vegan/prius crowd of whole foods.  I finally found some mayo made with sunflower oil.  Which is not ideal, but acceptable. Why We Should Limit Vegetable Oils

I’ve just been craving cheeseburgers (no bun, ppl!) with lots of spices and of course a lot of mayo.¬† It’s so good.¬† It almost shouldn’t be allowed on a diet!¬† My kids don’t complain either, which is a plus.

In truth, I had other errands to run but finding decent mayo was definitely at the top of the list.¬† One fun thing about the diet is going nuts with the dietary fat.¬† I love pouring liberal amounts of heavy cream in my coffee.¬† Who needs sugar when it’s so rich?¬† Steamed veggies are so nummy soaked in butter and a sprinkling of salt.

True, the diet is pretty restrictive.¬† But I am finding it to be very fulfilling and easy to follow.¬† Plus I am pulling out my jeans I haven’t been able to wear in ages!!¬†¬†Happy-dance.gif