Back on Keto

Today was an emotional day for me.Ā  My son, Gabe; who had been doing school at home was finally well enough to go back to his elementary school.Ā  I brought him in and helped him carry all of his supplies to his new classroom.Ā  It’s a little school so everyone knew he was coming back.Ā  Teachers stopped to hug him and his class was buzzing with excitement.Ā  Tears threatened to gush out of my eyes.Ā  It is just such a big step.Ā  He’s come so far from the days where he couldn’t even walk because he was in so much pain.

I’ll have much more time to myself now though.Ā  Even though I’m going to miss my little buddy while he’s at school.Ā  I love him like crazy but he is so much like me that we can grate on each other.Ā  Plus, just caregiving in itself can be very tiring.

But anyhoos, I wanted to talk about where I am; diet wise.Ā  In my last blog on diet (a couple blogs ago, I believe) I decided to take a good long break.Ā  I think that is important, for both mental and physical health.Ā  It’s called a “re-feed” or just, uh, “pushing the ‘f-it’ button” for awhile.Ā  Whatever works.Ā  It was great.Ā  I ate a lot of whatever I wanted.Ā  Then the carby-luster wore off and I found myself struggling to squeeze into my pants.Ā  More than that, I missed the brain boost I get from ketones.Ā  When I was burning sugar instead of fat, I noticed a nose dive in my desire to write.Ā  My brain wasn’t firing.Ā  I also found myself (again *sigh*) eating too much freaking sugar and falling into depression.

That’s just how life goes, right?Ā  We are always striving to find balance and that is ok.Ā  I am back on keto and doing pretty good.Ā  I have a much more casual approach this time around.Ā  I think if I decide I can never have a snickers or reeses again I will despair.Ā  I just do one day at a time.Ā  Some times I cheat.Ā  I just reset the next day.Ā  I’m getting back to where I am more comfortable with my weight and feeling more mentally clear.

I hope you all are well and finding joy and balance this Holiday season!