Speedy Recovery

I am now 8 days out from my bunionectomy and hardware removal surgery.Ā  I am walking around quite a bit (with my weight on my heel).Ā  I’ve done a couple workouts.Ā  Just upper body weights and some abs.

The first 2-3 days I took pain meds as often as needed.Ā  That first morning after my surgery I hadn’t taken anything in hours and the numbness wore off.Ā  I was caught off guard and after that I made sure to take something every few hours so the pain didn’t get that bad again.

I am the teensiest embarrassed to share about my bunionectomy because… it sounds like an “old lady” issue.Ā  It’s dumb to be embarrassed though.Ā  It’s just a bony growth.Ā  Who cares, right?Ā  In my case, it’s genetic.Ā  My mom had to get a double bunionectomy.Ā  Her mom before her.Ā  All my siblings have bunions.Ā  *sigh*Ā  It’s just the magic of genetics. šŸ˜‰

You know how sometimes you wonder how useful it is, in a practical sense; to stay in shape?Ā  Or at least, sometimes I do.Ā  It has provenĀ veryĀ useful for me.Ā  I was very glad that I had put on all those hours working on functional fitness, agility, balance.Ā  Getting around on one foot and going about your day can be tricky.Ā  The first couple days I was crab-walking up and down the stairs many times a day.Ā  Yay for strong triceps.Ā  I braved costco on crutches.Ā  It’s been apparent that being physically fitĀ beforeĀ a major surgery aids very much during recovery.

After day four I decided to go off pain relievers.Ā  Mostly because they aren’t great for your liver or stomach.Ā  Dangers of NSAIDsĀ  I also didn’t want to be on oxycodone longer than absolutely necessary (for obvious reasons).Ā  Plus, you don’t want to completely inhibit the inflammatory response because it is part of the healing process.

I started doing red light therapy on my foot a few days ago.Ā  I do feel like that helped a lot with any lingering discomfort. I just shined thisĀ on my foot for about 20 minutes each night.

I’ve also been doing hot and cold therapy.Ā  I bring a big bowl to my bathroom.Ā  I fill my (clean!) sink with hot water and ice water in the bowl.Ā  I alternate between having my foot in the hot and cold water every minute for about 7 rounds.Ā  This helps with pain and speeds up healing.Ā  It really isn’t as unpleasant as it sound.Ā  It feels nice on my still slightly swollen foot.

I won’t include any picture of my franken-foot just yet.Ā  I’ll spare you all. šŸ˜‰