Growing Kids and Lectins

Having your kids on a keto plan means that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  A lot.  Cooking, baking, cleaning, oh my!

Michael, with his 2nd keto brownie 

My plight is perhaps even worse because of the fact that my oldest child is growing like an inch a week and always hungry.  He’s only 13 and he is almost 5’9″!

They’ve been getting sick of eggs in all their different forms. so I’ve been making a lot of chocolate shakes for breakfast.  I just blend up half and half with peanut butter, raw cocoa powder and my monk fruit sweetener blend.  They really like the shakes and get a gazillion calories to fuel their weed-like growth.

We agreed that Friday would be a “cheat” day were they could eat whatever.  I figure it’s a good bribe to keep everyone happy and they are still getting the benefits of ketosis while getting a good dose of carbs once a week.

My daughter spent the weekend with my mom.  I wasn’t about to try to make her follow the keto plan at grandma’s house so Shiloh had a weekend full of fun and gluten.  I just got her back this evening and…wow.  What a difference.  She’s burst into tears no less than 10 times.  I had to take her to the grocery store and it was like trying to herd a stray cat through a maze of frenzied shoppers.  I guess it really serves as confirmation that at the very least she is benefiting greatly from a gluten free diet.  On the keto plan I have seen her become way more calm and focused.

I’ve been watching Naomi Whittel’s documentary series on the ketogenic diet.  One really interesting thing that I’ve learned is that mankind actually shrunk a foot when they transitioned from a hunter/gatherer lifestyle (think paleo) to and agricultural one.  One reason is, many of the grains we consume today are high in lectins– effectively an anti-nutrient produced by plants as a defense against getting eaten.  It’s the reason that if you eat beans that aren’t fully cooked you can get very ill.  The lectins are tearing up your gut.  They cause the gas, bloating, lethargy and poor absorption of nutrients that many people just live with.  The two main ingredients that make up the bulk of processed foods- wheat and soy (which are also mostly GMO) also happen to be the highest in lectins.  I’ve noticed going keto has really improved my digestion.  So when I occasionally eat a treat that is definitely not keto or healthy, it doesn’t affect me nearly as much as it used to.  I suppose my gut is healing on this much less inflammatory diet.  Since gut and brain are intimately connected; it makes sense that a flexible keto approach to eating would be a wise choice for growing kids.