The pace of life has slowed down for me this past month.Ā  My youngest child is in full time kindergarten and my 9 year old is back in school full time (after spending months recovering and out of school from topical steroid withdrawal).

I’m a stay at home mom with no kids at home!

My husband likes it because I make him food and coffee.Ā  My dog likes it because he’s the recipient of my misplaced baby fever longings.Ā  But I’m getting bored and restless.

We’re codependent, it’s borderline weird

So when I wandered into a Williams Sonoma like a mindless moth drawn to a flame last weekend I happened to see that they were hiring.Ā  I thought, yes!Ā  I love this place.Ā  Never bought anything here because we can’t afford it but I love theĀ idea ofĀ fancy kitchen stuff.Ā  Shiny espresso machines from Italy and condiments that cost more than my shirt!

Strussed Up

So I applied on a whim for a part time position.Ā  I went in for an interview today and got the job!Ā  I’ll get to interact with other adult humans and have a reason to look presentable 3 times a week!

My sad, codependent dog will be heartbroken but I’m excited!Ā  I’ll still try to check in everyday with fun facts, hacks and blithesome updates!

Anyways, much love all.Ā  I hope your weekend was great! ā¤