Fat of the Land

I’ve already addressed that you want to ignore the (big-agriculture funded) advice of the American Heart Association.Ā  You want to avoid an oil that inexplicably comes from a grain or “vegetable”.Ā  Corn, soy, canola, margarine….don’t even feed it to your dog.

So what oils are you supposed to eat?

About six years ago I was nursing my third baby.Ā  I wasn’t producing enough milk and she was experiencing constipation.Ā  Around that same time I was learning the truth about healthy and unhealthy fats.Ā  I threw away our vegetable and canola oil, along with our “butter-esque” spread.Ā  I replaced everything with virgin coconut oil and real butter.

I added tons of natural fats, especially coconut oil, to my diet.Ā  My milk and my baby’s health improved dramatically.Ā  My baby even took on a faint coconutty scent that others commented on.Ā  She still loves coconut.

My coconut baby!Ā  She had such a glow ā¤

The myth (still propagated to this day!) that saturated fats were unhealthy came from a study by Ancel Keys in the 1950’s.Ā  He wanted to show that fat was the cause for all our health woes.Ā  His results showed anything but, but he chose to cherry pick the data, dump what didn’t support his hypothesis, and presented his findings to the scientific community.Ā  Here’s a funny, quick video that sums it up-Ā funny truth bomb video

We all switched to whole milk, organic when possible (we’re a family of five, six if you count the 90 lb. dog, on a single income!).Ā  I cook with lots of butter.Ā  We’ve consumed a lot of saturated fat for the past 6 years.

When I started a part time job last year people were shocked at my age.Ā  They assumed I was a good 5-8 years younger than I am.Ā  I’m 31.Ā  I got asked where I go to school!Ā  I assume this is because of the anti-aging properties of healthy saturated fat and avoiding the aging properties of vegetable oils.

It’s frustrating to me that peopleĀ stillĀ think saturated fats are unhealthy.Ā  What happened when everyone switched to skim milk, margarine, and 6-11 servings of grain a day?Ā  Obesity, heart disease, diabetes…it all skyrocketed.Ā  To make up for a lack of flavor food manufacturers added extra starch and sugar to low-fat products.Ā  Snackwell cookie, anyone?

All of this was pushed on the public.Ā  You’d only know the truth if you knew how to do your own research.Ā  It makes my blood boil a bit.

The fact is, saturated fat is healthy.Ā  It’s where the majority of our fat calories should be coming from.Ā Ā Saturated fat VindicatedĀ  Saturated fat is going to be shelf-stable.Ā  It doesn’t oxidize at the rate of fats from vegetable sources.Ā  When you eat an oil that has been chemically squeezed from a grain it is going to cause a cascade of inflammation and oxidation in your body.Ā  These oils aren’t shelf stable.Ā  They degrade quickly.Ā  Therefore they all undergo a process of hydrogenation to some extant.Ā Ā Vegetable Oils and OxidationĀ  Since oxidation is basically causing us all to age and eventually die, we all want to limit it as much as possible, capiche?Ā Ā 420d9af0cc93caebd56b2f1bff54ca6cI implore you to do your own research.Ā  Literally chuck your vegetable oils in the garbage.Ā  Replace it with real butter (yum!), coconut oil (amazing for you!), olive oil, avocado oil, and natural animal fats.Ā  Your food will taste better, you’ll feel better, I promise!