Shark Week!!

Ok guys, I’m sorry but this topic is going to be for the ladies…..


We’re talking “shark week” aka PMS.

I’ve been in my shark week, not realizing it.Ā  Things got started a bit sooner than usual.Ā  Probably because my hormones have been “off” as I’ve lost a few pounds of body fat.Ā Ā Losing Body Fat, Releasing Estrogen

Anyways, I’ve been cranky.Ā  Ok, that’s an understatement.Ā  I’ve been beastly.Ā  The mere sound of my children’s voices is like nails on a chalkboard.Ā  I’ve been walking around with an angry ogre face that has hilariously prompted my 5 year old daughter to apologize (without having done anything!) multiple times.

As many of you ladies know, when that beast comes out of it’s slumber a certain time each month the only thing that will soothe it isĀ chocolate.Ā Ā giphyGood news is, chocolate is actually ok on keto, as long as you opt for very dark or chocolate with an alternative sweetener.Ā  That way you can notĀ commit homicide and stay on track with your diet!! šŸ˜‰Ā Dark chocolate is actually incredibly good for you as well (like we need any excuse!)…Ā Ā Dark Chocolate Benefits

So I ran out and got some 90% dark chocolate.Ā  No, it isn’t as yummy as a lighter chocolate, but it only has 3 grams of carbs per large square.Ā  I think I will melt it in a double boiler and add some peanut butter to make it a more palatable “fat bomb”.

And if you’re one that craves chocolate it could be because you are low on magnesium or even iron, both of which chocolate is a good source of. I’ve had blood work done in the past showing anemia so I take iron (and magnesium) every day and it’s been very helpful.Ā  If you regularly get cravings you might want to get blood work done to rule out vitamin deficiencies.

If you’re craving fatty and salty foods like fries or potato chips, you can get some pork rinds.Ā  I’ve found these parmesan crisps to be ah-mazing.Ā  Zero carbs and you’ll get your “chip” fix.

delicious “croutons”

Be aware of your cycles so the beast doesn’t spring out and catch you totally unprepared.Ā  I track them on my phone.Ā  Eat dark chocolate, take bubble baths, get more than usual time alone (your family will thank you!), try deep breathing, put duct tape over your mouth….

If you’re losing weight your period can be worse than usual.Ā  But those symptoms should pass with time.Ā  Just take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone and it will pass.Ā  Don’t sweat it if you eat more than usual.Ā  You’re eating for two; you and your angry uterus.Ā  I blew past my calorie goal, but it’s ok.Ā  For heaven’s sake don’t weigh yourself either.