Frozen and Cheating

It hasn’t been a great week.

My oldest son, definitely sums up the week!

In the spirit of being transparent and real (keep it real!)- I’ve been cheating left and right.Ā  Popcorn.Ā  Easter candy.Ā  Chocolate bunnies.Ā  I’ve been on the cheating train and that train is a crazy one.Ā  In my defense, it has been spring break week.Ā  It has also been snowing, freezing, windy and nasty.Ā  So I’ve been pent up with three kids with serious spring fever.

We’re not going to kill it 100% of the time.Ā  I am working on viewing myself with a bit of compassion, honesty, and of course- humor.Ā  I stepped on the scale yesterday to face the music and thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

I got super strict with my carbs again and got that rush of ketone-energy that I’d been lacking.Ā  The problem with the diet is that it only works as long as you follow it!!

I’ve found that the more I cheat, the more IĀ wantĀ to cheat.Ā  I just need to be super strict, and it is actually easier.Ā  Because a “few” sips of my kids chocolate shake turns into a few chocolates turns into gummy bears turns into feeling awful… you get the idea.

It doesn’t help that my husband thought it’d be a good idea to stock up (and I do mean STOCK up) on clearance Easter chocolate and candy because it was 70% off! šŸ˜’

I’m not kidding!!!!Ā  This isn’t even all of it!

But honestly, as long as I’m being super strict, the cravings disappear and I can ignore the obnoxiously abundant supply of chocolate-covered peanut butter in my pantry.

It really boils down to getting back in touch with your goals.Ā  Then you can decide, is it worth it?Ā  Then you just do it.Ā  Succeeding long term requires a mixture of being honest with yourself but also giving yourself grace… and believing that you are worth it.Ā  That your health should be a priority.Ā  Because junk food may taste good but it isn’t worth it.Ā  Because feeling good is better than momentary indulgences.


Easy Keto Hot Chocolate

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.Ā  I did.Ā  From a diet standpoint I decided it would definitely be a cheat day.Ā  I enjoyed a cheesy ham and potato casserole, fruit, and gluten free double chocolate chip muffins.Ā  It was delicious and wonderful but I’m definitely ready to get back on track!

One of my favorite (quick and easy!) treats lately has been my keto coco, or hot chocolate.Ā  You can get the flavor (and comfort!) of hot chocolate without cheating….20180402_085253.jpg

and get a potent serving of antioxidants and a decent source of protein, but more importantly- a chocolate fix!Ā  And only three ingredients!

I tolerate milk so I heat up about 1 cup of fairlife filtered whole milk and then whisk in 2 heaping tablespoons of cacao powder and about 1 1/2 tablespoons monk fruit sweetener.Ā  You could easily adjust up or down depending on the sweetness desired.Ā  You could also add in some concentrated coffee or espresso for an energizing, polyphenol-packed mocha!

This cocoa tastes like the real deal but only clocks in at 10 net carbs and 290 calories.

Great for days when it’s “spring” but you live in Minnesota and it’s still freezing out!Ā Ā e223bc53a9eb36de358f18f3995b1dbd

Air Purifying

Even though we had a high yesterday of 17 degrees F I am feeling some major spring spirit!!Ā  I always throw open all the curtains and blinds as soon as the sun comes up.Ā  It could be cold but as long as it’s sunny, I am happy.Ā  The anticipation for spring usually means fresh motivation to tackle big projects around the house.

Yesterday was one such project.Ā  I have a lot of houseplants that were needing major TLC.Ā  They needed pruning and cleaning up because the stale winter air in here causes the leaves to get dusty.Ā  When the leaves are dusty they can’t photosynthesize as well or oxygenate the air.

I started my house plant collection a few years ago.Ā  I inherited my mother’s “black thumb” but I kept at it.Ā  I bought inexpensive plants and pots from IKEA and Wal-Mart.Ā  I killed my fair share but I currently have 10 plants that are doing fairly well.

I love houseplants because not only do they add a nice ambiance, they work hard toĀ eliminate toxinsĀ from the air and create a healthier living environment.Ā  They look great and are 100% functional.Ā Ā 20180217_072850.jpgSo I spent a good hunk of the day lugging my many plants into the bathroom and literally showering off the dust and grime.

I also added diatomaceous earth to the soil to aid in growth and prevent those yucky little flies from breeding in the soil.

Another method I use to improve indoor air quality is using himalayan salt lamps.Ā  They’ve been known toĀ purify airĀ by eliminating mold and emitting negative ions into the air.Ā  All the electronics in air home create a very unhealthy abundance of harmful EMFsĀ and positively charged ions; which at theĀ very leastĀ make us feel sluggish….but could also be contributing to cancer and other major diseases.Ā Ā 20180217_073004.jpg

If you’ve ever felt refreshed after standing near a waterfall or going outside after a huge storm, it’s a similar idea.Ā  The lamps look nice and do really seem to help with energy levels.

They aren’t too expensive, you can even find them at Wal-Mart.

YouĀ canĀ call them salt lamps but around here, 80’s kids that we are; they are known as our “sankara stones” and may or may not have magical powers šŸ˜‰