Owning Your Health

After realizing I had some symptoms of hypothyroidism I did a lot of research.  Aha, that explains the disappearing eyebrows and my growing coffee habit.  Because I did a fair amount of research I also learned that most people go undiagnosed because many doctors still only test their T4 hormone- which is more indicative of pituitary gland function than thyroid health.  This video by Dr. Ken Berry is particularly helpful.  It’s a bit long but really worth it.

So when I went in to get my numbers checked I politely insisted on getting my T3 levels checked as well.  It’s so important to remember that your doctor is working for you.  If you spend a couple hours researching a concern before you go in, you may (unfortunately) be better educated on that topic than your doctor.  There’s no need to be arrogant but be clear on what you want.  If I had just my T4 checked, like she suggested- my results would have come back normal.  But I told her I wanted to check T3 and that is where the problem was revealed.

I learned that T4 results can be normal for years while a patient is still suffering from hypothyroidism and that testing T3 is far more accurate.  I was able to look over some old results.  I had went in a couple times a few years ago to get checked out, because I was feeling tired.  They only checked my T4 at that time, which was “normal”.  We are really privileged to live in this day and age when there is so much information available at our fingertips.  It just takes a bit of time and being proactive to educate yourself.

I also learned that the typically prescribed medication; synthroid, only addresses boosting T4 levels.  Many people go on it and don’t feel any better.  The natural (and superior!) option is taking dessiccated animal thyroid.  With animal thryoid, you get all four thyroid hormones in a natural form.  The article goes more indepth on the benefits of natural thyroid over synthetic.  Doctors have been treating patients with dessiccated thyroid for over a century.  So guess which option I’m embracing? 😛

Did my keto diet cause my hypothyroidism?  I don’t think so.  I’ve had symptoms for a long time.  I used to boost my energy with a lot of sugar and caffeine.  Maybe since cutting out the sugar I’m just feeling the effects more.  I had hyperthyroidism as a young adult and a doctor told me then my thyroid would eventually burn itself out and I’d become hypothryoid as I got older.

Treating and medicating yourself may be a bit too much for some.  And it has it’s risks, for sure.  You don’t have to “prescribe” yourself anything but you can still take steps to be proactive in achieving your best health.  Don’t look to the doctor for a pill for everything.  If you can lower your cholesterol with oats and bergamot, why not do that over taking a pill with a laundry list of side effects?  dreadzen2

Anyways, much love guys and thank you for reading and hanging out with me on my journey! 😘