Oopsie Bread

I’ve been on a kick to find a good recipe for a keto-friendly bread.Ā  Cause…bread.Ā 1518615723952811697693.jpg

I’ve been eating gluten free for ages so I’m used to funky, subpar bread.Ā  But I miss even that.Ā  I do like a peanut butter sandwhich or something to hoist up my daily servings of eggs and cheese.Ā  I just need something functional that doesn’t taste terrible.Ā  My hopes are high, my standards are low, people.

I made a recipe called “oopsie bread” also known as cloud bread.Ā  It was a #fail.Ā  It’s basically eggs (beaten within in inch of their life) and cream cheese.Ā  It may be manipulated into taking on a slight resemblance to bread but it tastes like egg souffle.Ā 1518615969338246945.jpg

I tried out another recipe that looked a bit more promising, thisĀ keto bread.Ā  I followed the recipe exactly, and it looked and held together like a quick bread.Ā  It looked really good.Ā  However, it was a bit bland with the exception of that egg flavor that really shines through.Ā  I could see it being really good as a sweet quick bread with a couple teaspoons of almond extract and 1/3 cup of my carb free sweetener.Ā  Or lemon extract and poppy seeds.Ā  You could even do muffins!

I was able to make a really great breakfast sandwich with it though.

I’m a bit obsessed with breakfast sandwiches.Ā  I’m a mid-western girl so I like a hearty meal.Ā  Please get that kale salad away from me.Ā  I lift weights, people.Ā 11111111111

I do think this recipe has promise, though I probably wouldn’t make it again without serious alterations.Ā  I’m going to keep looking for a plain bread I can use to make sandwiches and toast.Ā  When I find a decent recipe I’ll definitely let you all know!


So, today is Valentine’s Day! ā¤

I wasn’t planning on doing anything, because it’s a Wednesday and school night, but a lovely friend offered to babysit.Ā  Tonight is definitely going to be my first official “cheat meal”.Ā  I plan on responsibly consuming some serious carbs and maybe (definitely) even some caramel-filled chocolates!Ā 1518616724811694919758.jpg

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day!