Body Image Tips from Victoria

I am trying not to sound like a sarcastic skepticĀ butĀ I was rolling my eyes big time when the latest model comes out claiming the industry gave her an eating disorder.Ā  She’s apparently a model for Victoria’s Secret and was told to lose weight when she was obviously already thin.

Gag. me.Ā  Seriously.Ā  Parents- don’t let your kids grow up and be models.Ā  Or child actors.Ā  Or singers.Ā  Just give them a normal upbringing and don’t let them go into careers were their living depends on fitting into an unattainable beauty standard.

It’s a good publicity move.Ā  I’ve never heard of her until this week.Ā  She got two days worth of headlines because she also apologized for misleading her social media followers by claiming she was stick thin as a result of healthy lifestyle and she was giving impressionable people tips while promoting her frail body as a model of health.

Forgive me if I’m not being sensitive enough.Ā  It just irritates me.Ā  Of course Victoria’s Secret promotes unhealthy, unattainable beauty standards.Ā  The real secret is under-eating and breast implants.Ā Ā 2E8A8B7C00000578-3322752-image-m-2_1447797528275Of course the blame doesn’t lie with the particular model.Ā  She’s just a cog in the massive beast of a system.

The problem goes back to a lack of common sense.Ā  We need to do better for our daughters.

My little girl is only 5 but you can bet when she gets older I’ll do my damndest to keep her from being exposed to messages that tell her that herĀ intrinsic worth as a human beingĀ depends on her ability to be sexually appealing or ridiculously thin.Ā  She will not be on social media or read trashy magazines until she has the sense to be able to differentiate truth from fiction.; real beauty from stinking bullsh*t.

As someone who has struggled with body image issues myself, I feel a real responsibility to ensure that my daughter grows up with healthy self-esteem.Ā  I don’t make remarks about the size of her body.Ā  I don’t make remarks about my weight, or any other women’s weight.Ā  I don’t tear down or criticize my appearance or anyone else’s.Ā  I tell her that she isĀ strong.Ā Ā She isĀ brave.Ā Ā She isĀ smart.Ā  She isĀ kind.Ā Ā And she knows that her parents adore her.

My kids see me eating healthy and lifting weights.Ā  Not the pink kind, either.Ā  Not that there’s anything wrong with that- we all start somewhere!Ā  But I work out to get stronger.Ā  I eat healthy to nourish my body.Ā  I care a bit about my body fat but I careĀ moreĀ about the fact that I have great bone density.

Things aren’t going to change until we stop feeding the beast.Ā  Don’t buy overpriced, uncomfortable underwear.Ā  Don’t read fashion magazines.Ā  Stop the negative self-talk and build other women up.

Our words become our mantras.Ā  Our mantras become our beliefs.Ā  Our beliefs become the foundation of who we are.

When I see my daughter conquering a fear and quietly whispering to herself, “I can do it, I am BRAVE.”Ā  I know I’m doing my job.Ā 29513277_10160291168480074_8974072131688246731_n

I hope we can reject the destructive messages that would seek to undermine our value as human beings, andĀ women.Ā Ā I hope that we would instead choose life.Ā  That we would pass onto our daughters messages of strength and worth that put enough steel in their backbones that they can reject the lies and embrace their trueĀ intrinsic worth as well.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” Proverbs 31:25