Frozen and Cheating

It hasn’t been a great week.

My oldest son, definitely sums up the week!

In the spirit of being transparent and real (keep it real!)- I’ve been cheating left and right.Ā  Popcorn.Ā  Easter candy.Ā  Chocolate bunnies.Ā  I’ve been on the cheating train and that train is a crazy one.Ā  In my defense, it has been spring break week.Ā  It has also been snowing, freezing, windy and nasty.Ā  So I’ve been pent up with three kids with serious spring fever.

We’re not going to kill it 100% of the time.Ā  I am working on viewing myself with a bit of compassion, honesty, and of course- humor.Ā  I stepped on the scale yesterday to face the music and thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

I got super strict with my carbs again and got that rush of ketone-energy that I’d been lacking.Ā  The problem with the diet is that it only works as long as you follow it!!

I’ve found that the more I cheat, the more IĀ wantĀ to cheat.Ā  I just need to be super strict, and it is actually easier.Ā  Because a “few” sips of my kids chocolate shake turns into a few chocolates turns into gummy bears turns into feeling awful… you get the idea.

It doesn’t help that my husband thought it’d be a good idea to stock up (and I do mean STOCK up) on clearance Easter chocolate and candy because it was 70% off! šŸ˜’

I’m not kidding!!!!Ā  This isn’t even all of it!

But honestly, as long as I’m being super strict, the cravings disappear and I can ignore the obnoxiously abundant supply of chocolate-covered peanut butter in my pantry.

It really boils down to getting back in touch with your goals.Ā  Then you can decide, is it worth it?Ā  Then you just do it.Ā  Succeeding long term requires a mixture of being honest with yourself but also giving yourself grace… and believing that you are worth it.Ā  That your health should be a priority.Ā  Because junk food may taste good but it isn’t worth it.Ā  Because feeling good is better than momentary indulgences.


A Tale of Two Soups

Here in Minnesota winter is stretching on and on… this is my current view.Ā 20180203_121256.jpg

Ice, flurries, and air temp of 12 degrees F.

One thing that I love to do on cold, crummy days is make a huge batch of homemade soup.Ā  It’s healthy, it’s delicious, it’s a clever way to get vegetables into my little angels (cough*brats*cough)…

I usually stick with the local favorite, chicken & wild rice soup.Ā  It’s so good there is absolutely no need to try anything else.Ā  Plus my kids love it.Ā  This stuff is manna from Heaven.Ā  Seriously.

Those little blacks things aren’t bugs, ya’ll.Ā  That’s Minnesota Wild Rice!

Don’t drool, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Well, the soup, wonderful as it is, is NOT keto-friendly with the big golden hunks of potatoes, carrots and a flour roux.

So this morning I made soup for my hyperactive little darlings and a low carb soup for myself as well.Ā  It’s Saturday so I can ignore my kids and putter around in the kitchen in peace for two hour stretches while my husband gets to deal with, er, enjoy quality time with them…

I split up the chicken stock I had made overnight into two pots.Ā  It’s super easy to make stock.Ā  You just cook a whole chicken, debone it, and cook the bones, giblets, and neck in your crockpot (covered with water) overnight on low.Ā  It’s one economical way to wring every bit of flavor and nutrition out of a poor little chicken.Ā  You can eat the chicken with a side for dinner one night, then turn the leftovers into soup the next!!Ā  That’s a lot of meals out of one $5-7 dollar chicken.Ā  Stock is also super easy to make, a delicious base for soup, and incrediblyĀ healthy.

So getting back to my tale… in my smaller stock pot I tossed some broccoli florets and diced asparagus into my broth on medium heat.Ā  In a separate sauce pan I melted 1/2 stick of butter along with a cup of heavy cream and the random leftover cheddar cheese I hunted down in my fridge (about 1 1/2 cups).Ā  I brought it to almost boiling and whisked it into a delicious butterery, cheesey, low-carb “roux” for my soup.

I dumped it in to my stockpot along with some leftover chicken.Ā  I added a good amount of salt, pepper and seasonings.Ā  Sorry, people, I don’t really measure anything.Ā  One of the great things about soup is that you can throw in just about anything and it comes out great!

Seasonings that help the magic happen

I then let the flavors meld together for about 20 minutes while I made theĀ otherĀ soup, the one with carbalicious veggies we won’t mention again… šŸ˜‰

Then voila!Ā 20180203_121702.jpg

Hearty, rich warming soup that is both filling and delicious and gloriously low-carb!Ā  You’ve got collagen from the stock, a bit of protein from that poor wrung-out chicken, fiber and nutrients from your veggies, and phyto-nutrients from the herbs.Ā  One bowl will have about 475 calories, 40 grams fat, 21 grams protein and only 5.8 gram carbs.

Plus it warms the cockles and steels the soul against the long, dreary winter!