Sweet Sorrow

Guys, I’ve definitely hit a major hitch in my keto-ing. n-CHOCOLATE-EATING-628x314

The trouble is, I wanted to have my cake and eat it too.  When I saw all the keto-deserts out there I got really excited.  I ordered xylitol and whipped up some keto fudge.  I’ve been snacking on my keto fudge the past few days.

I’ve also been checking in on the scale every day to track my progress.  First, it stalled and then I gained back a couple pounds. Picture-3

I went back to the drawing board.  Yesterday I abstained from my xylitol and was pretty surprised to realize I was starting over, again.  The xylitol had been “kicking” me right out of ketosis.  I had to go through a lot of those dreaded starting symptoms, again. 

I wanted to “have my cake and eat it too” but really, one of the main reasons I’m doing this diet is to get free from a life long love affair with sweets.  I thought I could still get my sweet on and keto on but apparently not. 

The problem (or advantageous adaptation, tomato-tumahto) is that digestion starts in your mouth.  As soon as you see, smell, anticipate the food your mouth is salivating and digestion is already happening, in a sense.  When you eat something that tastes sweet your body is most likely going to release insulin.  Sweet=quick energy.  Even if that sweet isn’t actually real sugar.  Your body just has to think that it is.  You release insulin but the sugar never comes so your blood sugar drops.  You get cranky, get carb cravings, get kicked out of ketosis…just not good.  Artificial Sweeteners and Insulin A lot of people (ahem, me included) try to replace sugar with a substitute and then are mystified when progress screeches to a grinding halt.

I just threw out the last of my keto fudge.

Because not only do I want to succeed (and get sweet-lady-abs) but I want to rewire my taste buds.  I’m letting go of “sweet”, at least for now.  Maybe the real sorrow is in not parting sooner.  Then I know I’ll get the real benefits of reduced cravings and more energy as my body actually stays in a state of ketosis.